I went on to do CA as it was one of the best career options available for a commerce studen- James John Britto R- All India Rank 1 in CA Final Nov’15


James John Britto R secured All India Rank 1 in CA Final Nov’15. Snippets of his interaction with mycastory.com

A brief intro on what triggered the CA decision at that point of time?

It all started after Class 10. I had to make a big decision that was going to change my life. I chose the commerce stream primarily because I was not good at drawing diagrams and I thought it was easy. As I progressed, I developed immense liking for the stream. Then, I went on to do CA as it was one of the best career options available for a commerce student. My dad might have had an intrinsic influence on my decision. I liked the kind of work he was doing (he is a practicing Chartered Accountant with more than 28 years of experience)

What were the key tenets of your CA exam strategy?

My strategy was simple – Plan, Execute and Revise. It is very similar to the Plan Do Check Act cycle. I had clearly defined the timelines, sequence and targets to be achieved. I started working towards it. I had to make improvisations to my study plan as I kept moving forward. Revision played a crucial role. No learning is complete without revising. The more we revise the more better it gets. Appearing at mock test helped me shed my apprehensions about exam and made me exam ready.

My subject wise scores were as follows


How does the CA course life transform one as an individual? Can you please share your key learnings?

CA is a professional course. The course has a unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. Students can take up CA right after their class XII. It transforms a teenager who is fresh out of school into a professional. My key learning during the course are hard work, determination, perseverance, commitment, team work, leadership, group dynamics, etc. The course has shaped me into a professional. The GMCS and IT Training ensures that students are equipped with soft and computer skills also.

In your view, what are factors one must consider before embarking on the CA journey? Aptitude, career aspirations etc.?

Passion for the course is certainly required. To be successful, one should be passionate, internalize his passion and start working towards it. With the right mind-set, the course can definitely be cracked in the first attempt. Working hard alone doesn’t always make us successful. We need to do smart work. We will have to play our strengths. Attitude matters more because aptitude can be developed easily but attitudes cannot be changed easily.

What would be your advice to future CA aspirants?

Be yourself. Be passionate about the course. Do it because you feel it is best for you and not because someone told it is a good course. Keep yourself motivated and confident. Aspire for a rank. Aim high and shoot for the stars. Do not be afraid. Even if you fail, you would have always given it a try.

Rank may be just a number, but it makes huge difference in where you start your professional career post qualification.

Anything else that you would like to share with readers of mycastory.com?

Many students ask me for tips and guidance. I have started my own blog. Please ask your queries at james.johnbritto.blogspot.com or mail me at brittojames@outlook.com