Chartered Accountants today are in a commanding position – Mr Dilip Apte




2.Year of Passing


3.Linkedin Profile

4.Current Organisation & Designation

Retired as General Manager HDFC Ltd. in October 2013

5.A brief intro on what triggered the CA decision?

CA in those times was not a very popular course but I was keen to be associated with the profession. It was considered to be a very tough course as we had no recognised coaching classes and there was lot of emphasis and importance on self study and study papers and completion certificate.

6. How was the CA experience, both as a student and as a professional ? What were the key learnings?

There were a few well known CA firms the Big four were not that visible. Article ship was hard and tedious lot of out station audits, we had to balance audits with studies and test papers. Almost all the work was manual, there was no computers even calculators were rare, we did manual casting at the most a Facit machine, physical vouching and posting was done, trial balance had to be totalled. Now looking back this strengthened our fundamentals. We went on cycles for audits, stipend was a pittance but we still survived. This learning has stood me in good stead and I am still in touch with the partner with whom I was articled he is like a mentor to me.

7. Your views on the current scenario? Where does the CA stand in the wake of new opportunities in the education space?

Chartered Accountants today are in a commanding position they are no longer the Traditional accountants they have moved ahead and are now Advisors to the Management. They need to keep pace with the fast changing scenario not only in India but Internationally also, IFRS and other requirements are now assumed.

8. Your views on recruitment for the CA programs (if any). What are the skillsets you find in the new CA graduates? What are the gaps?

Chartered Accountants need to prepare themselves for current requirements of Industry. They need to sharpen some of their skills specially Presentation and communication skills. They have to project themselves more than Accountants.

9.Your experience of interacting with CAs? What is the broad view in the organisation? Where do CAs add value in an organisation ? Whats the HRs vision of career planning for these young professionals?

Chartered Accountants don’t stand out easily in a group they need to be more aggressive.

10.Your advice to future CA aspirants?

It is a very exciting course which is changing rapidly and they must be a part and initiators of this change.

11.Anything else that you would like to share with readers of

The current Chartered Accountants are lucky to be in the current environment , they can be major players in guiding the changes, The New Companies Act, New Tax proposals on the anvil, GST, IFRS and the list is long so also are the opportunities and tools to enact them. All the best

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