Till the time you are just participating in a rat race, following the crowd, you end up being a puppet of someone else’ choice- Aditya Goel- CA Fresher

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Aditya Goel cleared his CA Finals in Nov’15. He completed his article ship from the prestigious Kolkata based Lodha & Co and thus is a force to reckon with as far as his practical exposure is concerned

Snippets of mycastory.com’s interaction with this young and energetic professional

A brief intro on what triggered the CA decision at that point of time?

At that moment, when you just want to end up with the schooling and give a break to the academic career, many thoughts come up in your mind and getting such a serious thought like going for CA is an extraordinary thing. The growing demand for the chartered accountants and the reputation which they get in the society, is what triggered the minds of most of the commerce students and mine too.

What were the key tenets of your CA exam strategy?

There were many things which helped me in my curriculum. My practical experience which I gathered through my articleship, my urge for logic, behind every answer that solved a question and a hell lot of practice questions that I solved. It is not important how many questions you solve. What matters is what you take away from the ones you solve.

How does the CA course life transform one as an individual? Can you please share your key learnings?

The CA course life throughout its reaping period teaches you a lot of lessons and changes you from a Student to a professional. As an individual, our failures give us an opportunity to hit back hard, our preparations teach us to be patient at tough times and our course curriculum prepares us to take good amount of pressures. All these are those that are my key learnings, which not only has helped me in my journey, but will also help me in my professional career ahead.

In your view, what are factors one must consider before embarking on the CA journey? Aptitude, career aspirations etc.?

Well, there are many factors which one must consider before embarking on the CA journey like career aspirations, future goals etc. but the one most important as per my thinking is your willingness to take your profession ahead. Till the time you are just participating in a rat race, following the crowd, you end up being a puppet of someone else’ choice. Sit back, relax, check out your interests and then make a decision.

What would be your advice to future CA aspirants?

CA is something that will give you a lot of experience, lessons, knowledge, status in the society and lots more. But, for that, even you have to give a lot from your part to the profession. When we need something precious, we have to pay for it. Till the time, you are ready to give all, what is required from a Future Chartered Accountant, you are not ready for getting into the profession. Be sure you are ready for it and give your best.

Anything else that you would like to share with readers of mycastory.com

The CA course, till its last examination, kept teaching me something valuable. I have become a chartered accountant in the second attempt. The first attempt for the CA Final examinations was something that taught me how to hit back hard once you fall. Though i did not fail in any subject in my first attempt, but i failed in aggregate which clearly tells me that the profession demands ‘Excellence’ from your side. You have to excel in each and every field to get into the profession and also after getting into the profession.

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